Where did Forest School come from?

Forest School first evolved in Scandinavia in the 1950’s. It arrived in Britain in 1993, after a group of nursery nurses on an exchange visit from Bridgwater College in Somerset to Denmark saw it in use. They introduced it to their early years children with great success, with a BTEC qualification being developed in 1995.

Forest School must be delivered by a Level 3 Practitioner. Although elements of Forest School such as den building, woodland crafts and natural art can be delivered by a suitably experienced adult, Forest School combines outdoor activities with an ethos that makes it different from other forms of outdoor learning.

The ideal location is within a woodland setting, but Forest School can be delivered in surprisingly small areas with only a few scattered trees. By using whatever space is available, participants can still experience the ethos of Forest School, as the principles stay the same.

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