Colwich Primary School – Forest School

We ran a Forest School programme for the whole of Year 5 at Haywood Cliffs between September and December 2014. With a group of 28 children, we decide to split them into two halves, with a morning and afternoon session.

Both groups were fantastic, and really embraced Forest School by getting stuck in from the very beginning.

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We started off with some familiarisation of the site and getting to know some of the wildlife…

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…which was followed up with making some homes for the wildife to shelter in when we weren’t around.

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We moved on to more advanced activities, using tools to make tree cookies before decorating them.

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Using these new skills, we also had a go at coppicing some sycamore to help provide a den building resource.

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In addition to the physical activity, we had a go at some creative activities, by making artworks from natural materials we found. The changing autumn colours and falling leaves were very inspirational.



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Learning about fire and being able to heat water and cook food is a crucial part of Forest School, so learning to use a storm kettle to heat water for drinks and hand washing is a really useful skill.



Cooking round the fire also gives time to relax and reflect.

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As we finished just before Christmas, it seemed like a good idea to have Christmas party around the fire.

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Back to school after the final session!

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