Stafford College

We were invited by Stafford College to provide some Forest School Taster days for their Early years and Childcare Students.

We delivered four days through Spring and Summer 2014 for students in all stages of their courses from BTEC Level 2 through to Foundation degree level. Each day covered a little of the background and history of Forest School to give some context followed by hands-on activities, many of which could be used on their own. This was particularly beneficial as the students also attended placements as part of their course, so would be albe to share their new-found skills.

Making frames

P4280263-Optimized (2)

P3040081-Optimized (2)

Testing those knife skills… even the lecturers had a go!



Den under construction

P3040062-Optimized (2)

P3040117-Optimized (2)

If we hide in here, they’ll never find us…

P4290277-Optimized (2)

Nearly time for lunch

P4280260-Optimized (2)

Beautiful elder jewellery and decorated tree cookie.


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