Surviving the stone age!

We were invited to deliver two half-day sessions in the outdoors to tie in with delivering part of the National Curriculum for Key Stage 2 students.

The stone age activity covered how people in the stone age might have lived, by having a go at foraging for wild foods, searching for animal tracks and runs, comparing woodland to today’s farmed landscape and then finishing off by making a stone age home and some cordage from natural fibres.

They all had a great time and found plenty to follow up with afterwards in the classroom!

That looks tasty!

DSCF4361 (2)-Optimized

That definitely isn’t a stone age field.

DSC01394 (3)-Optimized

Preparing the fibres to make cordage… twisting them into shape.

DSCF4390 (3)-Optimized

DSC01425-Optimized (2)

Nearly finished

DSCF4386 (2)-Optimized

Let’s get this home built

DSC01409 (3)-Optimized

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